Sounds of Spring with Layth Sidiq

Thank you to all who participated in, attended and supported our Sounds of Spring Benefit Concert! The RULA board is busy planning more events so check back frequently for updates.

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Rise Up Lebanon Action (RULA)

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In recent years Lebanon has been impacted by the port explosion, the pandemic, and an economic collapse. RULA’s immediate goal is to address the overall wellbeing of the communities by vetting and supporting reputable NGOs focused on helping individuals, families and small businesses in Lebanon. Our long term goals are to create initiatives and programs with sustainable impact including projects focused on providing vulnerable communities with access to electricity, clean water, educational programs, and medical assistance.

We formed Rise Up Lebanon Action (RULA) to do our part in giving back to the community. RULA’s main mission is to alleviate the suffering and enhance the lives of Lebanon’s vulnerable communities.

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O lady of the world, O Beirut Rise from under the rubble, like an almond flower in April Cast off your grief Revolution is born out of grief Rise up in honor of the forests And the rivers And the valleys Rise up in the name of humanity
"Nizar Qabani"
يا ستَّ الدنيا يا بيروتْ قومي من تحتِ الرَدمِ، كزهرةِ لوزٍ في نيسانْ قومي من حُزنكِ إنَّ الثورةَ تولدُ من رحمِ الأحزانْ قومي إكراماً للغاباتِ وللأنهارِ وللوديانِ قومي إكراماً للإنسانْ
"نزار قبّاني"

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