The unprecedented explosion that occurred in Beirut on August 4, 2020 destroyed a large portion of the city and its economic hub. On that day, around 200 people lost their lives, and more than 5,000 were wounded. An estimated 300,000 people became homeless. The psychological and physical impact of this explosion on the people of Beirut is tremendous and unimaginable. The initial estimated economic and property losses are between $10 and $15 billion dollars. This is all occurring in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic and economic crisis in the country. The people of Beirut and Lebanon have witnessed and lived through a lot of atrocities through the years, but what they have faced in 2020 is beyond what anybody imagined or could tolerate. Every single family in the country is suffering. They have lost their life savings. They have lost their loved ones either due to the explosion or due to emigration. They have lost their houses and businesses, everything they worked so hard to build and maintain through the years. They need your help and support urgently. Please consider donating to help rebuild destroyed homes and businesses and alleviate some of the suffering. Donations no matter how small or large will go a long way in Lebanon these days. We are counting on you.