On May 8th, 2021 Rise Up Lebanon Action held this online fundraiser with the talented Basel Zayed to benefit Zamoununa. Thank you to those who joined us for this fantastic event and for your generosity! Please enjoy this concert and help Rise Up Lebanon Action support other worthy causes by making a donation via the Donate Now button below.

Basel Zayed is a virtuoso oud player and an acclaimed vocalist skilled in classical and contemporary Arabic music. He draws on deep experience with the Maqam (Arabic) music tradition to explore the beauty and universality of Middle Eastern music, especially when combined with other musical styles, such as jazz. Basel is also a trained pianist and skilled musical arranger. He has composed and arranged music for several successful artistic projects and performing groups. He also creates and records original soundtracks for movies, plays, and dance troupes.

Thank you for a successful fundraiser. Please consider donating to help RULA support other causes like this which help people in need in Lebanon!