The war in Gaza has created a dire healthcare crisis, the situation has deteriorated rapidly with hospitals running out of supplies, fuel, and beds for the thousands of wounded children and patients. According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), as of November 23rd, 6,150 of the 14,854 Palestinian civilians killed in this conflict have been children. Nearly two thirds of Gaza War dead are women and children. There are only 3,500 hospital beds left while there are more than 10,000 critically wounded so far. The doctors who have stayed behind to help the wounded patients are dealing with a crisis of monumental proportions. The electricity outage and fuel shortage means that the hospitals are no longer operational. In the maternity wards, premature babies are being taken out of incubators and wrapped in sheets to keep them warm.

Rise Up Lebanon Action is asking that you support the plight of children and wounded patients. Please click on the donate button below and consider supporting Doctors Without Borders (MSF) mission to send critical supplies and support to the Doctors working tirelessly in Gaza hospitals.

Doctors and other medical staff who have stayed behind to help patients are also in great danger and many healthcare workers have been killed in the last 7 weeks. With declining number of healthcare workers, increasing number of injuries, and refugees fleeing the war with inadequate access to clean water, food and sanitation, the WHO is warning of a catastrophic outbreak of diarrheal illness and respiratory infections that could eventually kill more people in Gaza than the bombing.

Rise Up Lebanon Action’s mission as an NGO is to support and address the needs of vulnerable communities.  Although we are a group of volunteers dedicated to support the various communities living in Lebanon, it is critical that all humanitarian organizations support the lives of innocent civilians ravaged by war. The continued conflict is at risk of spilling into neighboring countries including Lebanon, multiplying the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in the region. Please support our fundraising effort to help Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), so that immediate medical care and supplies reach the patients in need.

The following video describes the situation facing the medical team in Gaza. Warning this video may contain content that might be disturbing for some viewers.



Video update from Dr Hafer Abukhussa on Nov 23rd - he's a Doctors Without Borders plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Nasser hospital in southern Gaza.

♬ original sound - Doctors Without Borders / MSF

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