Our Main Mission Is To

Support the people of Lebanon by helping them rebuild their homes, their lives, and their communities

Specific goals

Immediate Goal: Beirut Port Explosion Aftermath

The Beirut Port explosion is estimated to have damaged fifty thousand homes and to have left hundreds of thousands of people homeless or living in unsafe conditions. The ability of Lebanon to cope with the aftermath is very limited due to the pre-existing economic collapse recently compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. The political divisions have further hindered the Lebanese government’s ability to tackle the strain being placed on its economy and healthcare system. It quickly became clear that local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on the ground are very effective contributors to the recovery. RULA’s mission is to make a sustained effort to address the needs of those vulnerable to poverty and homelessness, uplifting lives, and rebuilding communities. 

Our immediate goal is to address the overall wellbeing of the communities impacted by the port explosion, the pandemic, and the economic collapse via support to local NGOs focused on rebuilding homes and small businesses. RULA will steer donations towards NGOs with verified high impact projects that will make the most difference for these struggling communities, allowing people to move back into their homes and help the communities focus on physical, mental, and economic recovery.

Long term goals

Our long term goals are to create initiatives and programs with sustainable impact including projects focused on providing vulnerable communities with access to electricity, clean water, educational programs, and medical assistance.